One exciting trend being deployed by mid-level brands and business are testimonials and customer feedback and testimonials of clients from previous engagements.
Having and requesting for customers and clients to send in their feedbacks and testimonials after using your products or services. This serves as a way to humanize the brand or business and when onboarding prospective customers it could be used as a concept will we like term as “Proof of Hustle”.
Steps to get feedback or testimonials are:
1. Screenshot chat with clients and customers
2. Send mails and post the responses from your client
3. Or on your website if your business owns 1 (if you don’t we could get your website setup, DM and find out more). Ask your clients to make a comment about the brand or service, along with their picture, name, business/ designation.
When onboarding new client we need to make sure you make the new clients know your business is stable and a safe option.

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