The Curious Case of The Office Chairs.

t’s been about 8 months since we got the office space fully setup with appliances and furniture. The front desk has proper working chairs and tables that are fully suited for the team members that have their setup there.
However, back in the conference room, the chairs there where not really suited for the team that is stationed there.

Unfortunately, it was the Branding and Promotions unit. The conference room was actually suited for the team because they always had to discuss, plan, strategize and monitor the activities of the brand across the social media channels which meant that the team had to seat together and always be in the same space most of the time for effective workflow.

But then comes the curious case of the office chairs in the conference room. Due to the fact the Promotions Unit had to adapt themselves to use the conference room which actually was a good idea. However, the chairs that were purchased were not suited for long working hours. Before long, what seemed like a good idea became an issue and a limitation to work. And it quickly escalated in a health concern for team members who began complaining of lower back pains and discomfort.

Sometimes in business, we make plans and we get into it only to find out that it’s more than what we think or the situation suddenly changes and we are left with a very good plan/solution but totally the wrong problem. We create answers to the wrong or inappropriate problem which sometimes leads to waste of resources. But on that note we should all learn to make the best of each situation we find ourselves in the market place of life and be patient. The affected team had to make do with the chairs at the time while the organization planned for replacements.

Fast forward to today, the new chairs are now here and the office is bubbling and full of excitement and mostly from the Branding and Promotions unit because they were more affected by it than most of the other team members.

It is important to note that the plans we make and strategies we develop may sometimes completely turn out to be unrelated to problems that are now being faced, we have to remember to always make the best of any situation we find ourselves in and improvise if we must, that is Entrepreneurship.

NB: The importance of Good Posture in the workplace cannot be overemphasized. Bad posture leads to reduced productivity and effectiveness. But good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control !

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