1 Create more Price and Package options
2 Have a test Sample or Trial version

One of the biggest problems faced by business people is Sales and Lead Conversion. Lead conversion is converting a prospective customer to a paying or buying customer. Business people always have to battle with product or services that are not being sold or customer that come in and after just fall off because they are no longer interested.
In order to increase sales on some of your products, theses are 2 steps to take although they are more, we just want to show you these steps to start scaling up your sales numbers.

1. Create more Price and Package options.

Always have more than one price option for your customer. People never want to feel rushed so they need options to feel comfortable and in control. When you give people options, they have the opportunity to choose. These always make clients feel safer and can decide to commit into paying for a product without feeling as if they have been forced or strong-armed into something they don’t want to do.
Having packages also is a way to keep clients in two major ways:
A) They can decide to scale down if In case they don’t have the capacity to continue on the previous price plan the were on. So you as a business person does not have to lose that client because they can’t pay a certain rate anymore.
B) You have an opportunity to make client pay for the next higher plan, after they have been on the lower price plan for a while. This is easier to do because the client already knows it exist and it is easier to get them to take the next option.

2. Offer a Free Test Sample or Trial Period

Customers could be asked to come in to try and test the product or service for free or allowed to use it for a certain period of time.
This allow customers to commit to a product because they have taken a sample and can decide if they want to continue. If your product or service is as good as it needs to be, 60% of customers will commit to paying the full price after they have sampled your product or service and received the value from your offering.

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