Corpus Business Development Academy

Our vision is to cultivate basic business standards for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

We are an entrepreneurship educational organization that works to provide foundational enterprise development training and resources to enable entrepreneurs translate ideas and personal skills into viable businesses.

We equip our participants with the foundational knowledge and skill training required to successfully start-up, manage and sustainably grow a small to medium sized enterprise [SME].

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Business Development Service

Our vision is to bridge the gap between ideas & execution for business owners in Nigeria.

We work with business owners to create foundational technical and strategy documents for fund raising, market entry and forging strategic partnerships.

We provide assistance to business owners on business plan writing, business registration & regulatory documentation for all types of businesses.

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Corpus Promotions Limited

Our vision is to provide Nigerian Business owners the marketing infrastructure required to bring their products and services to their ideal prospects.

We provide promotional solutions to help businesses create awareness, generate leads and convert leads into paying customers.

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Corpus Freelance Management Agency

Our vision is to standardize the Nigerian freelance market through our freelance support services.

We acknowledge that the future of work is freelancing, and recognize the challenges with offering and procuring services in the Nigerian freelance ecosystem.

We are on a mission to enable frameworks for standard marketplace engagement between freelancers and their end-users in Nigeria.

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