Our Programs

Entrepreneurship Development Academy

We equip our participants with the essential knowledge and skill training required to successfully start-up, manage and sustainably grow a small to medium sized enterpriseĀ [SME].

Our Courses

Our courses are centered on four core areas that are essential in building sustainable enterprises;

Principles of Business Development

Introduces participant to the fundamentals of creative thinking and idea generation, business modeling, value chain development, market development, business plan development, business financing, credit management, networking, business insurance facilitation, mentoring, international trade, formation and management of cooperatives.

Entrepreneurship Development Studies

Focuses on nurturing participant in developing an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding the role of an entrepreneur, determining what type of enterprise is suited to their business, setting business goals, developing confidence, and developing your organization, production and management plans.

Leadership Skills Development

Focuses on enhancing participantā€™s understanding of leadership, application of ethical behavior to business practices, decision-making, time management, presentation and inter-personal skills.

Business Operations Management

Focuses on teaching participant how to manage start-up capital, business accounting and record-keeping, negotiation, human resources management, customer management, using information technology for business processes, and the legal aspects of running a business.

Our Values


We have a goal to foster the entrepreneurial spirit across Nigeria. We desire to establish a culture of willingness to undertake projects, in the face of risk, for the purpose of building businesses that last, and creating socio-economic development.


Our quest for human capital development, capacity building, job creation and socio-economic development in Nigeria drives our mission to help entrepreneurs inculcate the basic leadership mindset, skillsets and knowledge necessary to thrive in the Nigerian business environment.


We have a readiness-oriented approach to our mission, in handholding entrepreneurs through the development of key business resources that guarantee their readiness to seize business opportunities around them, and execute effectively.

Ethical Practice

Ethical practice is at the core of our operational and educational values. We strive to ensure our course content, operations and partnerships adhere to established ethical boundaries, and impress a strong sense of ethical consciousness on our participants, partners and staff.

Our Prospect


A university education alone is often times not enough to prepare students for life after school. We aim to bridge the gap between what is learned at school and what students will face after school, by helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset early on, that will translate what they learn at school into viable businesses.

Skilled Individuals

These persons have undergone some form of skills or vocational training, but do not know how to commercialize them. Our training will teach them to manage their skills and turn them into profitable businesses.

Business Owners

Many Nigerians turn to business as a means of surviving the job shortage. These persons often do not have formal entrepreneurship training, or a solid understanding of good business management practices. We train and equip business owners on how to scale their businesses and transform them from informal structures to formal, fully functional ones.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Many young people desire to become entrepreneurs and business owners, and many older people are ready to leave salaried employment for the business venturing sphere. Our goal is to teach them leadership, entrepreneurship and business management skills that will get their entrepreneurial journey started on the right foundation.

Unemployed Graduates

People who remain in Nigeria after graduating from university face a risk of unemployment or underemployment, due to the severe job scarcity in the country. We see entrepreneurship as an antidote to unemployment and aim to ingrain an entrepreneurial mindset that will set them on the path of active venturing.


Retirees and pensioners face a danger of not having sufficient income to sustain them through the remainder of their non-working years. We help them create more options for themselves by equipping them with entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses.

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