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Business Development

We provide technical services that enable startups and business owners prepare actionable business plans and relevant strategy documents necessary for market entry, fund raising, strategic partnerships and efficient deployment their business objects.

Our Services



We offer a variety of planning services that guarantee the hand-holding of our clients through the creation of actionable plans for their projects and businesses.

Business Planning

We translate their ideas into viable and sustainable business models, as well as develop a formal business plan document, detailing the steps and procedure required to convert the idea into a successful business venture, composed in a manner intended to convince investors

Financial Planning

We develop a detailed estimation of the capital required to successfully startup and run an enterprise, income projections over specific periods, and policies relating to administration of enterprise funds and resources.

Project Planning

We work with clients to produce project plans and other documents that sets out the phases, resources, and activities required to successfully implement a project, as well as feasible time-lines for project delivery.



We offer documentation support services, to help clients keep track of regulatory processes as well as safeguard intellectual property and trade secrets in business.
We do

• Business/company Registration
• Trademark Registration
• Patent & Design Registration
• Tax Management
• NAFDAC Registration
• License and Permits

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Corpus Business Development Service Limited is a Creativity Support Hub, focused on providing technical assistance to Entrepreneurs, Startups and Corporate Organizations
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