Our Programs

Freelance Agency

We acknowledge freelancing as the future of work, and we recognize the peculiar challenges with procuring freelance skilled services in Nigeria.
We provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the framework for efficient recruitment of skilled freelancers.

Our Services

Freelance Consulting

We provide advisory services to help freelancers:
• Define their niche market
• Position for higher market visibility
• Build sustainable clientele.

Portfolio Management

We offer standard agency services that enable freelancers with:
  • Communications management
  • Job negotiation,
  • Legal coverage
  • And other logistical issues

  • Affording them the leverage to focus only on creating and delivery value to their clients.

    Deal Structuring

    We help freelancers develop structured business models around their skills offerings.
    We assist with:

    • Service quantification & pricing
    • Work scheduling
    • Payment management
    • Timeline management
    • Quality control management

    Skill Development Training

    We provide links to technical trainings and courses to enable freelancers under our management access the information and training they need for continuous personal and professional development.

    Our Values


    As labor supply continues to outweigh corporate willingness to offer permanent employment, we innovate to create a project based model that matches skill demand with suitable human resource on a freelance basis.


    We are committed to facilitating ease of access to skilled human resource for individuals, project managers and corporate organizations, and to building sustainable access to short and long term job opportunities for skilled freelancers.


    As the rate of permanent employment continues to dwindle in Nigeria, we are driven by the need to bridge productivity gaps by creating the channel for project based short and long-term engagement of skilled humanresource, on a freelance basis.


    We incorporate quality control measures in our operations to ensure professionalism in communication, project delivery, job quality and time-line management.

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