We acknowledge the role of detailed planning in ensuring the successful execution of any initiative, so we give planning a pride of place in our business/project development ecosystem. We have a broad variety of planning services that guarantee the hand-holding of clients through the creation of realistic and viable plans.


Business Plans

A formal statement of a business idea and step by step procedure that would be followed to convert the idea into a successful venture, designed in a manner intended to convince investors.

Financial Plans

A formal statement that details the process of estimating the capital required to successfully startup/run an enterprise and policies relating to procurement , investment and administration of enterprise fund.

Project Plans

A document that sets out the phases, activities and tasks needed to deliver a project as well as the time frames and resources required to deliver the project

Legal Plans

A formal document that prescribes the legal structure for an initiative, the regulatory frameworks that control the subject area of the initiative, and the nature of contractual agreements suitable for the respective stakeholders in the initiative.

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