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Corpus initially began in 2018 as Corpus Business Development Service (BDS) – a company whose vision is to bridge the technical gap between idea and execution, for startups, and to provide scale-up support for existing businesses. However, by the end of our first year of operation, we began to see a gap in the marketplace for entrepreneurial education and skill development for aspiring entrepreneurs and young business owners, and the need to help them cultivate basic business standards.

This new perspective birthed our Business Development Academy, which runs in partnership with Baze University. We also came to realise that it was not enough to merely help businesses with technical support for setting up, because without good marketing and promotion no business would be able to grow and sustain itself long term. Creating effective marketing systems to generate sales for businesses became our next goal, and this led us to establish Corpus Promotions.
Finally, we set up Corpus Freelance Agency because we believe the future of work is freelance, and we recognize the challenges with offering and procuring skilled freelance in Nigerian. Nothing has made this fact more apparent than the COVID-19 pandemic, with all the changes it has brought. Remote work has not only become necessary, but also desirable. Traditional office settings will now take a backseat, and more people will be placed in a flexible work position, from which they can take on multiple work projects from different sources, and expand their income pool.

Our goal is to ensure that there is a standard freelance market in Nigeria, connecting freelancers to their end users in a more seamless and secure way. We at Corpus Business Development Group see this vision holistically, as the present and future of business, both in Nigeria and globally. We invite you to come on this journey with us.


Our core values serve as the compass guiding our commitment to excellence and the success of entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Corpus Business Development Service Limited is a Creativity Support Hub, focused on providing technical assistance to Entrepreneurs, Startups and Corporate Organizations

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